About The Fouché Way

Problems arise in or out of your home when there is a breakdown in the pack hierarchy.

This will lead your dog to display unacceptable behavior: destruction, aggression, or fear. These behaviors can move from inside the home to outside the home, creating limitations for you and your dog. Just as human behavior is a form of communication, so too is your dogs. Your dog is trying to tell you something. It's up to you to listen.

The Fouché Way will teach you to listen. It will teach you to establish a hierarchy with your dog through a direct connection. This connection is unspoken and will create clear communication between dog and owner which can be used in any situation.

By focusing on your dog's mental energy, and understanding your dog's natural instincts, the Fouche Way will bring you to a better understanding of your dog. Both you and your dog will be happier because of it.

Pictured: Brandon with his dog pack. MEET BRANDON