Labeling a Dog Aggressive - Truth or Fear?

Posted on: 12/17/2014 9:28:04 PM under General

The following is an email that was forwarded to us by someone who has scheduled an evaluation for their dog with Brandon.  The dog has dog aggression issues.  This person wanted to share with Brandon the response he received from a trainer when he reached out to them for help with his dog:

Thank you for your interest in our services! We would be happy to help you out with [your dog], though bear in mind that the goal with any dog-aggressive dog is for them to be well behaved when on a leash around other dogs. A dog that has already demonstrated a penchant for dog-aggression should never be fully trusted. Unfortunately certain breeds, pit bulls especially, have been bred by people to be aggressive. This behavior is GENETIC and cannot be cured. If it exists in an individual dog, it will always exist. My husband and I are particularly fond of the breed, but we also understand that they have limitations and can be deadly. They not only behave aggressively but have been bred to kill.  :( And they don't understand why it's bad. It doesn't make them bad dogs, just different and we need to accept that difference for the safety of other dogs. We don't take this lightly. I would be happy to help you have more control over [your dog] when he is on-leash, but we would not have him off leash around other dogs and would not be encouraging you to do so. If that's acceptable, we'd love to have him join us for training.


We would like to know your thoughts, as a community of dog owners, rescuers and advocates.  How does this mentality within the dog training profession affect those who rescue and advocate for these breeds?   IS aggression genetic in these breeds?  Bring us your thoughts. And Brandon will join in later to address each of the statements made by this trainer.