About Brandon

Many would say that Brandon can talk to dogs...

Brandon would tell you that he doesn't have a special gift, that anyone can do it, all you have to do is listen, look, and feel. Brandon Fouché began his rehabilitation work over twenty-five years ago. As he describes it, "I went looking for a dog that needed help, a dog that was a little difficult to work with. "It all started with a young dog named Mustafa. Mustafa was an aggressive young dog who always wanted to fight. In fact, Brandon began to refer to him as his Frankenstein dog because Mustafa was always being stitched up from fighting. Mustafa was a bad boy. Mustafa taught Brandon that aggression is learned, genetic, and has a purpose. Aggression can be good; in aggression there is communication. By learning how to read aggression, Brandon developed his uncanny understanding of the "pack mentality" Rehabilitating dogs has been Brandon's passion. Working with Mustafa and later his offspring, Brandon realized he enjoyed learning and working with the pack - that he felt a special connection. Since Mustafa, Brandon has worked with hundreds of dogs and says, "There are no two dogs alike, just as there are no two people alike." Brandon's ability to understand the good in every dog and find the lines of communication in every dog he meets is what makes him so successful as a behaviorist.

Brandon is the city of LA's miracle worker. He takes dogs that are considered hopeless cases and turns them into loving dogs. If the proper home is not found the city will often relinquish one of these dogs to Brandon and he keeps them as a part of his pack for life. Brandon is proud to be the dog behaviorist and rehabilitator for the major rescue organizations in LA and surrounding areas. He has had dogs shipped to him from across the country and from Canada. His goal is to see that every dog is given a chance...to date, Brandon has not met a dog he hasn't been able to help. The best description of Brandon's approach to his work comes from his father who told him, "Do something you enjoy doing, not what you think you should do. And don't look with your eyes, your eyes see limitation. Look with your heart and find out what it is you already know." Brandon looks at "his" dogs with his heart.