Canine hope for improvement program

Canine hope for improvement program(CHIP)

Canine hope for improvement program (CHIP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the concept of a no kill philosophy by educating people on how to better understand their dogs. I believe by educating the consumer and by consumer I mean the person that is dropping their dog off to the shelter thinking that they are going to find a better home and the person that is adopting a dog from the shelter thinking that they're going to give the dog a better home from the concept of food, shelter and medical care, not understanding the emotional hormonal side of the dog or the baggage that carries from the previous owner. To understand the dog We must think from the concept of nature, not of domestication, for it represents what comes out of the humans mind. Domesticated thoughts like don't urinate on the floor, don't chew on the furniture, don't bark at people we like, and don't be aggressive to any other animal. People are not realizing that dogs expect for us to think like them. Dogs don't think that horses think like horses or a bird thinks like a bird. They don't have that ability.

They simply expect for us to think like them and humans expect for dogs to understand what we want from them, but that's not the way that nature wired them. Humans are supposed to have the superior minds having the ability to think in different ways, so it's up to us to understand the way that nature intended dogs to process information, then we must take that information and to some degree humanizes them. We must understand that the dog is created under a system of hierarchy, then we must be able to understand that they need a certain amount of tension placed on them. An example would be three dogs living in a pack one dog puts pressure on number two, number two puts pressure on number three, so number two says I'm happy being where I am, because number one won't let me climb and I won't let number three climb that's how they become balanced . To humanize this people also live with stress in the same way. (It is what it is) we can see this in our work environment. If we can elevate our life through the way we think and accept the way that nature has created its animals, then we will begin to have a more organic way of thinking, which is what canine hope for improvement program represents. We must understand the concept of domestication versus nature. In understanding dogs, we can better understand our true self as we scratch and claw our way through life.

And with that what is dog spelled backwards?

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