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Depending on the severity of your dogs issues you might not need rehab but rather an Evaluation or a phone consultation, Brandon will determine/decide what the next step will be.


Does your dog have aggression towards other dogs, or people? Does he suffer from extreme separarion anxiety? If your answer is yes your dog might be a candidate for Brandon's rehab. The rehabilitation is Brandon's boot camp. It takes a minimum of two weeks. Your dog will live at our facility with Brandon's pack. Brandon and his pack will teach your dog what he needs to know. During this time any specific issues you have will be addressed. This program is tailored specifically to your needs. At the end of your dogs bootcamp you will meet with Brandon and will be reintroduced to your dog and given the tools to keep the rehabilitation going.

Evaluation Rehab Consultation

Please fill out Evaluation Rehab Consultation Quesitonaire