Success Stories | Baxter

baxter_large"In the months since Brandon Fouche worked with Baxter, our household has been transformed.  Baxter, a 100 pound chow mix with the 'independent' mindset characteristic of the breed, kept us on edge with his continuous and sneaky attempts to escape from the house and yard.  No treat could compare to the exhilaration of running free in the streets chasing cats and playing 'can't catch me'.  This went on for 8 years.

Brandon worked with us on the phone first.  His gift is that he is amazing with dogs AND people.  After a 90 minute phone consultation, we had a good understanding of Baxter's motivations and apprehensions.  Brandon gave us exercises which had an immediate effect.  When it was time for the home visit, it only took an miraculous 3 hours to have Baxter walking down the street with us OFF LEASH.  We never imagined this would be possible in our wildest dreams.

We know Brandon's method is the right one for Baxter because he has never been happier or more content."

Cathy Pack and Esme Ward