Success Stories | Chi-Chi

Dear Brandon,

I took in Chi-Chi, the Chow Chow, to save her life. The truth is, she saved mine.But she nearly killed me in the process.

successstory_chichi-1Chi-Chi was knawing on a plastic Christmas tree when I first saw her. She was lockedbehind a fence at an abandoned house in South LA in the midst of a lot of garbage,discarded appliances, and an in-ground swimming pool withjust a couple of feet of dirtywater in it. She was mal-nourished (at 29 pounds she was emaciated), her matted fur wasfull of fleas and her own excrement. and she had an obvious eye infection. I work for an emergency restoration company who was called out to the house by one ofmy clients for a sewer back up job. Chi-Chi' 5 original owner was taken to a nursing homefor Alzheimer's disease. The family left Chi-Chi in that yard to fend for herself. She atewhatever someone would throw over the fence, also probably squirrels, birds, etc. Shehad an old dog house and an empty bowl in that yard. I was told she existed in thatenvironment for over one year.

We eventually bought food for her, and she began eating out of my hand. But when Itried to pet her, she became aggressive and starting growling at me. Having never had adog, I was, truly, afraid of her. Little by little, she began to trust me. I tried to have heradopted, but she was too much of a mess. Eventually, I decided to 'take her home withme. We found a trainer and he literally lassoed her and got her into a crate to take her tothe vet for grooming and medical care.

had warned the vet that she was probably going to be aggressive. What emerged fromthat crate was a submissive, meek, sickly dog. I mistakenly thought that her behavior hadchanged because she escaped from that yard, knowing that she had been rescued. What Ilater learned from Brandon Fouche was that she no longer had a yard to protect, that shewas then on neutral territory. Thus. she was submissive and calm.

successstory_chichi-2Once I took Chi-Chi home with me and she became secure and was feeling better physically (she Dearly doubled in size in less than a year), her behavior changed considerably. She became aggressive when anyone would pass by our door or wouldwalk past us on our walks, and eventually, she bit three of my friends who were visitingus in OUI' home (on three separate occasions). Luckily, Done oftbe bites were serious, andmy friends were very understanding. However, I was petrified to take her anywhere orinvite friends to my home. I became trapped in my own apartment with Chi-Chi, afraidto go anywhere with her for fear she would attack or bite someone or another dog.JI knew I needed help with her or else I would have to give her up, and/or be sued bysomeone she hurt. When I first spoke to Brandon, frankly I didn't think I could employsome of the techniques he asked me to use. But after just a few sessions working withhim and Chi-Chi, and doing as he suggested, I was able to take control of her, and fmally,I was the boss. (1was really the one who needed trainmgl) I am now able to take her on long walks to the beach, to restaurants, the dog park, and Ieven take her to my office and to see clients. I can now board her with confidence thatshe won't attack other dogs. People have stopped me in the street ami asked how I havesuch a well behaved Chow. The answer is simple: Brandon Fouche!

Don't give up on your dog or other dog's who have aggressive or behavioral problems. Work with Brandon and you will understand why your dog acts out and what to do about it. Dog's cannot speak, only act out, and it is up to us to listen and act.

Thank you Brandon! Best- Gigi and Chester