Success Stories | Mia

successtory_miaWhen we first sought Brandon's advice and expertise we were at our wits end about our 3 year old 75lb. lab/pit mix, Mia, and were considering finding a new home for her. Her behavior was out of control and it was affecting our marriage and our home life. Mia was exhibiting aggressive behavior on our walks as well as towards guests in our home. We constantly feared for the safety of others when they were around Mia.

After consulting with Brandon over the phone we immediately began implementing his list of methods. Changes were made in the house as well as on walks. We were shocked by the swift results. On our very first walk following the consultation Mia followed behind us on a slack leash and didn't make a single attempt to eat the neighbor or their cat. This was a drastic change from previous walks where we often found ourselves pulled to the ground because our dog was intent on chasing or attacking something. Her behavior around the house improved as well as we learned to take the alpha role. Brandon taught us not only to have faith in our dog, but also to faith in ourselves as confident and capable dog owners!

Thank you Brandon for bringing calm back into our lives! We will continue to recommend your expertise to all of our friends and family who struggle with their dog's behavior.

Lauren and Tim McNulty