Success Stories | Phoenix

My husband and I adopted an abused and neglected rescue puppy that, in his adolescence, started developing fear aggression towards human strangers. Since we are expecting our first child in a few months, we were desperate to fix his behavior. My husband and I both grew up with dogs and consider ourselves good strong pack leader types, so we weren’t sure what more we could do. The group we rescued our pup from (Downtown Dog Rescue) referred us to Brandon. Our dog went through his assessment program and Brandon patiently met with us afterwards to give us guidance on how to become more dominant alphas to our dog. The results have been truly amazing. Within two days of us implementing Brandon’s techniques, our dog has drastically improved. He no longer barks at the door or windows, he walks loosely on the leash, he hasn’t been aggressive with a single stranger, and looks to us for approval before doing things. I never would have believed that a dog could turn around so drastically in just a matter of days. Our dog also seems much more relaxed in situations because he knows we are in charge. Brandon has an incredible way of making you understand the dogs world and the results speak for themselves. With practice and more time, we are hoping our rescue will learn that the people who abused him are a thing of the past and the people in his new life, including our baby, just want to give him love and treats.

Thanks Brandon!

Cathy and Paul