Success Stories | Tulah

tulah_largeLet me start by saying I felt as though I were facing two choices before I came across Brandon. The first was that I would have to give my dog away to someone “better equipped” to handle her and the second was to potentially put her down. Over the course of the past year leading up to contacting Brandon my dog had begun to show signs of human aggression. Initially these were seemingly innocuous events during which she would jump on people and demand attention. This eventually took the form of her cornering people without warning or discernable cause while barking viciously, lunging at andtulah_large jumping on them. She had not bitten anyone yet but let’s be real, who wants to wait and see how that’s gonna play out? Needless to say it worried and scared the hell out of me. I am a marriage and family therapist by profession and would have a lot to lose if my dog were to ever bite someone and/or cause harm to another human being. Not to mention the guilt and remorse I would feel for not having taken steps to intervene.

It got to the point where NO ONE could come to our door without being met with this behavior. Furthermore, it became increasingly difficult to take the dog where any semblance of control over her was necessary so, we began to isolate her and think of different plans to deal with her. Following a similar aggressive episode on Super Bowl Sunday 2011 I decided that I had reached my limit. A complete stranger at the party I was attending had been scared to death by MY DOG and actually left early. That was it for me. After a million phone calls and referrals I crossed paths with Brandon Fouche. I called him and left a voicemail. Within hours I received a call back and briefly explained the direness of my situation. My conclusion was that I felt the dog either needed extensive therapy or to possibly to be put down. Brandon listened as I went on about the complexity of the issue (I’m a therapist remember) and the drastic measures necessary to deal with the animal. After he had heard enough he told me that he would be happy to see me for a 3-hour in-person assessment but felt he could categorically resolve the issue with an hour long PHONE consultation. SERIOUSLY MAN?? A phone call? For a dog that is one episode away from putting me in jail? Come on. I was ready to spend thousands on rehabilitating the dog or, if it were explained to me that the dog was beyond help, put her down. But something about his resolve and confidence persuaded me to play along. Really I only meant to rub it in his face later and demand that he put my consult fee towards a live assessment or boarding charges.

Nevertheless, I phoned Brandon. The one-hour consult took almost two and a half hours. Brandon never reminded me of the time nor did he up his fee. He spoke with my girlfriend and me (who he insisted participate since she lives with the dog too) until we had no more questions whatsoever. He told us precisely how to handle the dog and what to do when her old behaviors surfaced. I asked desperately how we were to handle a million other scenarios when they came up and Brandon told us with 100% certainty “if you do what I’m telling you, that won’t happen anymore”. I asked how long will this take? Brandon responded “it will change immediately if you do what I am asking of you”. We set out immediately upon hanging up to follow Brandon’s instructions. What happened next was truly inconceivable . . . the dog I had known to be so set in her ways despite thousands of attempts to correct behaviors had literally morphed into a new animal. She waited for my commands, followed MY lead, the undesirable patterns and aggressive behavior had been arrested on the spot. I don’t want to paint an unrealistic picture, she still attempts to revert back to some of these things but the more consistent we are with addressing it in the moment the more quickly she falls back into the passive, peaceful role she took on subsequent to our conversation with Brandon. As I write this letter it has been 2 months since our interaction with Brandon. We have again been able to integrate back into the world of having a rewarding relationship with our dog. We eat at sidewalk cafes while she lays calmly at our feet, we visit friends houses with her and we even LEAVE OUR FRONT DOOR OPEN WHEN EXPECTING COMPANY!!! I cannot stress enough the pivotal experience that is Brandon Fouche. My name is Jesse and Brandon has my phone number. If you are on the fence or have any questions about my experience with Brandon, ask him for my cell number and call me. I will be happy to tell you how this man saved my baby girl Tulah and changed my perspective on dog ownership.